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Trusten Ng Rui Han

Trusten Ng Rui Han

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Development Progress Contest - BTOHQ
🎁 Leaderboard (July ~ December 2024) 🎁
#UserNo. Of Photo(s)
1Trusten Ng Rui HanTrusten Ng Rui Han2
2Dax Sum Boon KiatDax Sum Boon Kiat1
*Only 1st rank will win this contest.
🎁 Past Winner(s) 🎁
Jan ~ Jun 2024richardteo67
Oct ~ Dec 2023Tan Hui Min
Jul ~ Sep 2023DurianQueen

How to participate:

Simply register an account and start taking BTO & Condo development project(s) then upload to BTOHQ.

*Photos uploaded are subjected to approval by our team. Only approved photos will be counted. Please check out our rules & regulations here.

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