Our Flat Selection Guide (For Reference Only)

Congratulations on your new journey to own a new home! Let us help you point out some essential tips to look out for when you’re choosing the perfect HDB BTO flat, the following are a number of tips to consider when you choose your unit.

1. The afternoon sun (Heat)

You can check out how the sun affects your BTO sales launch by using the Sun Calculator(Can be found under tools). It will show you the sun's movement through the day, and how it affect the location you have chosen on the map. To avoid the sun from shining directly into the unit's window, avoid choosing the unit's windows that faces east or west. Additionally, the north-east and south-west facing units will get more wind during monsoon season. Once you have figured it out where your window is facing, you will know how to avoid the affected units.

2. The Multi-storey Carpark (Privacy)

Nowadays, new BTO has multi-storey carparks (MSCP) built closely to the blocks. Try to avoid choosing the lower floors where windows are facing the carpark if you can, as you might be disturbed by the neighbors that reaches home as late as midnight, the light beams of the vehicle pointing at your home, the exhaust fumes, noise of opening or closing the vehicle doors, unusual alarm sounding off and terrible honking noises.

3. Service yards near to corridor (Privacy)

Nowadays, our BTO estates are growing smaller and the units within a block are often close to one another. Sometimes, you get to see what sort of clothes they hang outside their service yards. If it's that close for the picture shown above, might attract easier access for thieves to break into your home. Can you accept the service yard that faces the corridor, or rather neighbors' window?

4. The noise level (Noise)

If your block happen to face the main road (unavoidable if you prefer accessibility to convenience of transport MRT/buses) If it is, you can expect more noise as sound travels upwards, if not, you can check out at the site itself for the noise level.

5. Accessibility (Location)

Check where is the closest bus stop around or if better, MRT station. If you have chosen an matured estate town, there are plenty of ways to check what transport that comes around.

6. Road hazards

Try to avoid places of worship to avoid crowds and illegal parking woes.

7. Always have a backup unit

There are limited units to a floor in a new BTO, if you have an unattractive queue number, like 720 out of 800 units, or worse, 950 out of 800 units, chances of getting a higher floor is low. Staying at the higher floors has good view whereas staying on the lower floor has advantage that your home will be cooler. The choice is up to you, but it's good to have a variety of units from various floors to choose from!

8. The value of flat in the near future

If your aim of buying the BTO is to sell away after the MOP after 5 years to get a profit, you can always checkout Squarefoot that has various information about various homes sold in an estate.