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Why you should consider switching to bank loan?

1. Interest Rate On Bank Loan Is Now Lower Than HDB Loan

Banks interest rates for home loans are at their lowest in recent years! Taking a home loan from a bank can be a more attractive option, as the bank rates are often more competitive, with many options to choose from!

2. Easier Eligibility Requirements

Foreigners or couples earning a higher income, a bank loan may be your best bet as eligibility requirements are much more flexible!

Here are a few things to consider when comparing home loan rates:

Loan Amount & Term

Fixed or floating interest rates

Free conversion within or at the end of lock-in period

Other special features, promotions and discounts

HDB Loan vs Bank Loan

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Exclusive Free Gift(s)
Viomi Dispenser
Viomi Dispenser

Loan Amount >= $250,000

Xiao Mi Robot Cleaner
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Loan Amount >= $500,000

Secretlab Omega 2020 Series

Loan Amount >= $1,000,000

Electric Desk
Ergoworks Electric Desk

Loan Amount >= $2,000,000

*Note: You will only receive one of the eligible free gift if your loan application is successful.

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Best HDB Home Loans
PackageYear 1 Interest RateLock-in Period
PromotionalFloating3.43%HDR22 - 1.07%3 year(s)
PromotionalFloating3.74%3M SORA + 0.55%1 year(s)
3.80%2 year(s)
Best Private Home Loans
PackageYear 1 Interest RateLock-in Period
3.69%3M SORA + 0.50%2 year(s)
PromotionalFloating3.69%3M SORA + 0.50%2 year(s)
3.75%3 year(s)

We Work with All Major Mortgage Providers

Standard Chartered
Hong Leong Finance
Bank of China
State Bank of India

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