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Kim Keat Beacon Project Spec & Review Discussion Group Sales Launch Development Progress

Sales Launch May 2018 BTO
Project Name Kim Keat Beacon
Project Type Build-To-Order (BTO)
Address/Location Along Kim Keat Avenue
No of Blocks 3
Total Units 542
Highest Floor 30
Estimated T.O.P 2022-09-01
Tenture Length 99 years
Developer HDB
Neighbourhood Guide
Nearest Convenience Store
Nearest Petrol Station
Nearest ATM
Nearest AXS Machine
Nearest Gym
Nearest Police Post
Nearest Clinic
Nearest Hospital

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  4. As each and every unit has it's own attributes, analysis shown here only represent the majority units in the stacks having the same attribute including sun, wind, view, distance etc.


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Estimated T.O.P Progress (2022-09-01)

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