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Garden Bloom @ Tengah

May 2021 BTO: Garden Bloom @ Tengah In-Depth Site Analysis

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Garden Bloom @ Tengah - site plan
Garden Bloom @ Tengah In-Depth Site Analysis


Garden Bloom @ Tengah will be bounded by Tengah Central and Tengah Garden Walk and consist of 782 units with a mix of 2-room Flexi, 4-room and 5-room flats, comprises of 7 residential blocks ranging of 15 storeys in height.


As for now, there aren’t many amenities nearby since it is a town that is still in development, but the locality is near proposed MRT lines, and the main town center is just one MRT station away. The town center will be a buzzling hub for residents in Tengah as it aims to be a one-stop hub for families. There will also be the upcoming Jurong Innovation District which grants residents access to workplaces nearby.


As this will be relatively new town, most of the schools will be located outside of Tengah. You can expect new schools to be built in the area as the town matures, but meanwhile most of the schools are located outside of Tengah. You can find Dazhong Primary School with its integrated MOE-kindergarten nearby, or if you have teenagers at home, then schools like Dunearn Secondary are nearby. Dulwich College is just across the road too.


Similarly, we only know that the proposed Hong Kah MRT station and Tengah MRT station will be done by 2027 as part of Phase 1 launch of the new Jurong Region Line. This new MRT line will connect Tengah to the rest of Singapore. Integrated bus terminals are also in the pipeline, so by the time you receive your keys to Tengah, the stations will be up and running already.

Afternoon Sun

Garden Bloom @ Tengah - Sun

Most people in Singapore would know to avoid the west sun because they probably known the sun to rise in the East direction and sets in the West direction. Singapore's afternoon sun mainly are from two directions, northwest and southwest. From March to September, the sun is in the direction of the north-west, and from September to March, the sun is in the south-west direction. Homeowners generally avoid buying west-facing units due to the strong sunrays where the sun will be on the afternoon!

Garden Bloom @ Tengah - Garden Bloom @ Tengah Site Plan
Garden Bloom @ Tengah Site Plan

Units to avoid for a cooler flat:
Blk 241A: 302, 304
Blk 244A: 386, 388
Blk 241B: 316, 318

Garden Bloom @ Tengah - Privacy Units
Privacy Units

Noise and Privacy

Choose the corner units that is a distance away from the lifts and rubbish chutes for lesser chance of nosy neighbour peeking into your home while passing by!

Units to pick for a more privacy flat:
Blk 241A: 300, 312
Blk 241B: 314
Blk 241C: 342
Blk 243A: 348, 358
Blk 243B: 360, 374
Blk 244A: 384, 396
Blk 244B: 402

Perhaps this is the main draw for many families as Tengah is designed as a Forest City with much greenery planned in the town. Nature lovers will love this new town as the Forest Corridor and the Forest Fringe grants them access to nature.

As this is a new town, we cannot be really be sure of how the new “car-free” initiative will pan out for residents in this estate. But what excites us is the opportunity to live in a place filled with lush greenery and buzzling with activities for everyone. The only caveat here is that Tengah Air Base is nearby, and with the relocation of Paya Lebar airbase to Tengah Airbase by 2030, we hope that the thundering sound of our Planes will have a minimal impact in the area.

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