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Toh Guan Grove

Aug 2021 BTO: Toh Guan Grove In-Depth Site Analysis

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Toh Guan Grove - site plan
Toh Guan Grove In-Depth Site Analysis


If you are living in the West and you are thinking of getting a BTO to live near your parents, then the Jurong East project is one not to be missed. Indeed, BTO projects in this area is hard to come by, and the last BTO project in this area is about 10 years ago already. Here is a map of the Jurong East August BTO project.


If you are new to Jurong East, then you must be totally living in the eastern part of Singapore. Jurong East is like the Hub of the west, where you can find three shopping malls, 1 outlet mall, and 1 large hospital all within walking distance of each other. Oh, this is beside the defunct Big Box that has folded, but you can still find Westgate, JEM, J Cube, IMM as well as the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital all being connected via the J-Walk connector.


As this area is full of other existing residential projects, you can expect the place to be populated with schools already. Indeed, you can find schools such as Yuhua Primary, Fuhua Primary, Crest Secondary to be around the vicinity. NTU is just about 3 Mrt stations away, while Millennia Institute is about 9 mins away by car.


Jurong East is a major interchange itself. There are multiple bus services the area, and Jurong East links the East West line to the North South Line. The new BTO project is also a stone’s throw away from the upcoming Toh Guan line, so you can expect faster connectivity to Jurong East itself.

Afternoon Sun

Toh Guan Grove -

Most people in Singapore would know to avoid the west sun because they probably known the sun to rise in the East direction and sets in the West direction. Singapore's afternoon sun mainly are from two directions, northwest and southwest. From March to September, the sun is in the direction of the north-west, and from September to March, the sun is in the south-west direction. Homeowners generally avoid buying west-facing units due to the strong sunrays where the sun will be on the afternoon!

Toh Guan Grove -

Units to pick for a cooler flat:
Blk 289A: 271, 273, 275, 277
Blk 289B: 295
Blk 289C: 321, 323, 325

Noise and Privacy

Choose the corner units that is a distance away from the lifts and rubbish chutes for lesser chance of nosy neighbour peeking into your home while passing by!

Units to pick for a more privacy flat:
Blk 289A: 277
Blk 289B: 293, 301
Blk 289C: 309, 321

Chinese Garden and the Jurong Lake District is pretty near to the BTO project. The upcoming Tengah project is also a few minutes away by car, so you can expect to live in an area that is filled with green spaces. Whether you are looking to get a BTO to stay in for the longer term or as a short term investment, the Jurong East BTO project will be a viable option for many since it is near to many popular locations as well as being nested around upcoming developments. This is certainly a space to watch.

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