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River Peaks I & II

Nov 2021 BTO: River Peaks I & II In-Depth Site Analysis

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River Peaks I & II - site plan
River Peaks I & II In-Depth Site Analysis


This November 2021 BTO launch in Rochor will be the first project that is launched under the Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) model. In this model, it is stated that projects that are located in the city centre will remain affordable to Singaporeans. You can read more here. With this model, more Singaporeans will not be priced out of BTOs in prime locations.

The names 'River Peaks I' and 'River Peaks II' reference the developments' location along Rochor Canal and their towering height. The two developments comprise a total of six 47-storey residential blocks, and one of these blocks will house some rental flats. You can choose from 960 units of 3-, and 4-room flats.

Prices start from: 3-room from $409,000 - $474,000 and 4-room from $582,000 - $688,000.


River Peaks I & II - Nearby Amenities
Nearby Amenities

Since Rochor is located within the city center, there are plentiful of amenities nearby. Bugis is a stone’s throw away, while popular joints such as Mustafa Centre and Sim Lim Square are nearby too. In terms of medical facilities, Tan Tock Seng Hospital is about 9 minutes’ drive away, making it accessible for you too.


River Peaks I & II - Schools

As this BTO project is located near the city centre, most of the schools nearby are catered more towards the tertiary students. Schools such as SOTA, LaSalle, and SMU are nearby. Stamford Primary is located across the road too, but with dwindling population of children around the area, you can expect mergers to start soon too.


River Peaks I & II - Jalan Besar MRT Station
Jalan Besar MRT Station

Modes of transportation will be breeze should you be staying around the area. Jalan Besar MRT is a few minutes away by foot, and there are lots of buses around the area that can bring you to the popular joints nearby. The network of roads can be confusing in this area, but it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem for most people.

Since it is located at the city center, traffic conditions can be bad all day around, which will peak during the early mornings and late evenings.

Afternoon Sun

River Peaks I & II -

Most people in Singapore would know to avoid the west sun because they probably known the sun to rise in the East direction and sets in the West direction. Singapore's afternoon sun mainly are from two directions, northwest and southwest. From March to September, the sun is in the direction of the north-west, and from September to March, the sun is in the south-west direction. Homeowners generally avoid buying west-facing units due to the strong sunrays where the sun will be on the afternoon!

River Peaks I & II -

Most of the stack are north and south facing which has partial afternoon sun!

Units to pick for a cooler flat:
Blk 37A: 107
Blk 36B: 116

Noise and Privacy

Choose the corner units that is a distance away from the lifts and rubbish chutes for lesser chance of nosy neighbour peeking into your home while passing by!

Units to pick for a more privacy flat:
Blk 36A: 100, 102
Blk 36B: 110, 112
Blk 36C: 118, 120
Blk 37A: 101, 103
Blk 37B: 109, 111
Blk 37C: 117, 119

This highly anticipated launch might just be the hottest project for 2021. Only time will tell how the PLH model will turn out. But apart from that, this BTO project is indeed a mouth-watering project since it is at the fringes of the city area. With plentiful of food choices and shopping establishment, this is indeed an exciting project to look forward to!

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