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Queen's Arc

Aug 2021 BTO: Queen's Arc In-Depth Site Analysis

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Queen's Arc - site plan
Queen's Arc In-Depth Site Analysis


For those that still want to be closer to the CBD area yet do not want to face congested roads, then this BTO project in Queenstown might just be one of the top choices for you. What’s more, there is 610 available units for this project, which is double the number of units available in Kallang/Whampoa. Let us take a look at this project and the factors that might influence your decision.


Queen's Arc -

Queenstown represents a good mixture of old and new amenities that will surely be enticing to many. Queensway Shopping Centre, which is pretty near to the BTO project in Queenstown, forms a major part of our childhood with its huge assortment of sports apparel, and who can forget the famous curry mee in the shopping centre itself? And just across the road, there is IKEA for us to get our meatball fix. Anchorpoint Shopping Centre is also just a 5 minute walk away. As for medical facilities, future residents in this BTO project in Queenstown will be well served by Alexandra Hospital, which is literally just across the street. There are plans to also build a new integrated medical facility right next to the project too.


Since the project is in a mature estate, you can expect facilities and school to be developed already. In terms of schools, there are not many schools within walking distance. The nearest school is Queenstown Secondary School, and it is about 1.2km away, which is about a 16 minutes’ walk away. So if you have school going children, then you might want to consider reconsider this project, unless you are comfortable with your kids taking public transport to school, or if you have your own transport to bring your kids to school.


Queen's Arc - Queenstown MRT Station
Queenstown MRT Station

Public transportation is a breeze as there are bus stops around the area that connects you to the various parts of the island. Orchard road is just a few bus stops away, and Queenstown MRT is just 6 minutes by bus. If you are driving, the entrance to AYE is just down the road, and it connects you to places such as One North, which contains Blk 71, which is termed as the Silicon Valley of Singapore.

Afternoon Sun

Queen's Arc -

Most people in Singapore would know to avoid the west sun because they probably known the sun to rise in the East direction and sets in the West direction. Singapore's afternoon sun mainly are from two directions, northwest and southwest. From March to September, the sun is in the direction of the north-west, and from September to March, the sun is in the south-west direction. Homeowners generally avoid buying west-facing units due to the strong sunrays where the sun will be on the afternoon!

Queen's Arc -

Units to pick for a cooler flat:
Blk 200A: 105, 107, 117, 119
Blk 200B: 121, 123, 133, 135

Noise and Privacy

Choose the corner units that is a distance away from the lifts and rubbish chutes for lesser chance of nosy neighbour peeking into your home while passing by!

Units to pick for a more privacy flat:
Blk 200A: 107, 113
Blk 200B: 127, 133

This BTO project is also one of the hotly anticipated project for the August launch. With its close proximity to the main CBD areas as well as other exciting places nearby, you can expect the 610 units to be hotly contested by many.

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