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Hougang Citrine

Aug 2021 BTO: Hougang Citrine In-Depth Site Analysis

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Hougang Citrine - site plan
Hougang Citrine In-Depth Site Analysis


Hougang Citrine is located along Hougang Avenue 3, comprises 6 residential blocks ranging from 12 to 13 storeys. 749 units of 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room flats are made available for ballot. The estimated completion date for Hougang Citrine is 1Q 2025.


In terms of amenities, you will be spoilt for choice since you are at the crossroad of a few major towns. Both Heartland mall and Hougang mall are nearby, and there are lots of popular eateries nearby too. There are plans to build an integrated health care facility nearby, but we are still waiting for official announcements of the plan as well as the roadmap since COVID had hit the construction industry.


Hougang Citrine - School

As the town is not exactly a new establishment, there are plenty of schools in the area. For primary schools, there are Xinghua Primary School, Holy Innocents’ Primary School, CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity, Xinmin Primary School and more. For secondary schools, there are Xinmin Secondary, Holy Innocents’ High School, as well as a few others. Maris Stella High School is about less than 10minutes drive away.


For transportation wise, you will be spoilt for choices as both projects are near to main MRT lines. For the Hougang Citrine, it is located in between Kovan MRT as well as Bartley MRT, and these will provide you with plentiful of options.

Afternoon Sun

Hougang Citrine - Sun

Most people in Singapore would know to avoid the west sun because they probably known the sun to rise in the East direction and sets in the West direction. Singapore's afternoon sun mainly are from two directions, northwest and southwest. From March to September, the sun is in the direction of the north-west, and from September to March, the sun is in the south-west direction. Homeowners generally avoid buying west-facing units due to the strong sunrays where the sun will be on the afternoon!

Hougang Citrine -

Most of the stack are north and south facing which has no direct afternoon sun!

Units to pick for a cooler flat:
Blk 178B: 136, 138
Blk 179C: 222

Noise and Privacy

Choose the corner units that is a distance away from the lifts and rubbish chutes for lesser chance of nosy neighbour peeking into your home while passing by!

Units to pick for a more privacy flat:
Blk 178A: 114
Blk 179A: 182, 184
Blk 179B: 196, 198
Blk 179C: 216

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